Polar Plaza Brings Ice Skating to Downtown Tacoma

On a chilly, drizzly December night, bright lights glow from downtown Tacoma’s Tollefson Plaza. There, beneath an enormous white tent, young and old gather to take part in a budding local holiday tradition: ice skating.

Tacoma’s Last Stop Computers

It all started in 1986, when Brian Herbert wanted a hard drive for his computer. Back then, most computers relied on floppy discs and storage was at a premium.

Septuagenarian Sells Westgate Tacoma Home to Millennials

  A story from Westgate Tacoma Neighborhood Harold Prescott is a kindly, outgoing man with an unbelievable memory for names, events and even conversations going back half a century or more. He is a member of what Tom Brokaw called The Greatest Generation. Harold built his Westgate Tacoma home in 1955 and lived two thirds of his 90 years there,... Read More »

Date Night in Tacoma

It’s date night in Tacoma, and you’re in search of the perfect romantic outing. What to do?

Running in Tacoma

Thinking of going for a run? Tacoma is a great running town. Whether you’re just visiting or have put down roots here, the City of Destiny makes for a perfect running destination. Runners young and old hit the city’s streets and trails year round. WHERE TO TRAIN 760-acre Point Defiance Park is Tacoma’s premier running destination. It features a forested network... Read More »

Real Estate Video Tacoma

As people spend more time on social media than ever before, real estate video has gained in popularity. Editing is getting cheaper and easier. I think it is best to hire a videographer for listing videos, but there are applications for video that go beyond property videos, such as agent bios, video for blog posts, instruction videos to help potential... Read More »

7 Ways to help this Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Help this Thanksgiving (Tacoma)  by MATT KITE for THE HUME GROUP   Every Thanksgiving is an opportunity to slow down long enough to give thanks. For the roof over your head. For the relationships that sustain you. Several organizations in the Tacoma area are busily ensuring that no one gets left behind this holiday season.  If you... Read More »

101 Things to do in Tacoma 2017

101 Things to Do in Tacoma 2017   If you are new to Tacoma or a long-time resident merely in search of something new to do, below is a list of 101 things to do in Tacoma. Okay, a couple items on our list are outside Tacoma proper. But most are a short walk or ride away, regardless of where... Read More »

Protect Your Privacy

By Ken Bajema of The Hume Group Take the Extra Step to Protect Your Privacy I have not applied for a consumer loan for years but recently had reason to apply for a home loan.  After locating a reputable local lender and filling out a loan application. This included a credit check, I started to receive calls at home from... Read More »

4 Best Tacoma Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses in and Around Tacoma By Matt Kite Not everybody likes a good scare. Some people prefer treats to tricks come Halloween. But if you’re someone who enjoys feeling your knees tremble and your heart quiver, here are four haunted houses in the greater Tacoma area that are guaranteed to add a few shivers to your holiday experience. Be... Read More »