Do Cool Stuff / Porchfest / Tacomarama

Do cool things in Tacoma and you might find yourself featured here. Take Irina Rasputnis, for example. I met Irina when she needed a drummer in her outlandish marching band. More on the band later. First, I must bring rapidly approaching Porchfest to your attention! She created the event last Summer. Porchfest Porchfest, according to the website, “is a free,... Read More »

Ice Cream Social in 6th Ave District Tacoma

Ice Cream Social When the sun comes out and the mercury rises, two words come to mind: ice cream. Especially after a long winter (and especially for those of us who live in the sun-starved Northwest). So we shouldn’t have been surprised when we stopped by Ice Cream Social in 6th Ave Tacoma last weekend and encountered a long line... Read More »

The Best Donuts in Tacoma

Where to find the best donuts in Tacoma Mmm. Donuts. Homer Simpson isn’t alone in his obsession with donuts. Americans love their donuts. And judging by the number of donut shops with a Tacoma address, it seems the City of Destiny shares that mania. Indeed, for a mid-sized city, Tacoma is home to a surprisingly diverse array of donut shops,... Read More »

The Cloverleaf in West End Tacoma

If the best things in life are worth waiting for, certainly good pizza deserves our patience. At The Cloverleaf in West End Tacoma, wait times can occasionally stretch to a half hour or more, but the payoff is so good locals have been coming here since the 1960s, when The Sonics (the band, not the team), The Wailers and The Ventures... Read More »

Tacoma’s Last Stop Computers

It all started in 1986, when Brian Herbert wanted a hard drive for his computer. Back then, most computers relied on floppy discs and storage was at a premium.

101 Things to do in Tacoma 2017

101 Things to Do in Tacoma 2017   If you are new to Tacoma or a long-time resident merely in search of something new to do, below is a list of 101 things to do in Tacoma. Okay, a couple items on our list are outside Tacoma proper. But most are a short walk or ride away, regardless of where... Read More »

Valhalla – Best coffee shop in Tacoma?

by Tom Hume Valhalla Coffee – Might just be the best coffee shop in Tacoma When I talk to people about my concept of having a section of our blog for Tacoma’s Best Places I usually use the example of my regular coffee stop, Valhalla Coffee . It is located at 3918 6th Ave in Tacoma and might just be the... Read More »

Fully Remodeled from Studs out (Video)

[iframe id=”” align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”] 3 BR  2.5 BA $329,000  MLS 1019202 1221 Huson Dr  Tacoma Full listing here

Korean Burger Truck is Welcome Addition to Tacoma

by Megan Bostic There’s a new food truck in town, and it’s quickly gaining popularity with Tacoma’s burger lovers. It’s Burger Seoul, located at 1750 S. Prospect, on the corner of South 19th street in the parking lot of the 19th Street Grocery & Deli. Owner of the truck, Young La, opened December 12th, and has had a steady stream... Read More »

Crown Bar Tacoma

by Megan Bostic Want to be treated like royalty? Head to the Crown Bar. Loosely inspired by the Crown Bar in Belfast Northern Ireland, Tacoma’s Crown Bar is nestled in the heart of the 6th Avenue business district. It is flanked on either side by House of Tattoo and Retrospect Vintage Clothing. Its warm and cozy atmosphere is inviting, the... Read More »