Ice Cream Social in 6th Ave District Tacoma

Ice Cream Social

When the sun comes out and the mercury rises, two words come to mind: ice cream. Especially after a long winter (and especially for those of us who live in the sun-starved Northwest). So we shouldn’t have been surprised when we stopped by Ice Cream Social in 6th Ave Tacoma last weekend and encountered a long line out the door.

We weren’t the only ones thinking about ice cream.

Fortunately for us, the line moved quickly. Before we knew it, we were sitting at a table with three waffle cones, each one stuffed with two scoops of ice cream. My wife, hoping for something refreshing, chose orange chocolate chip. My son went with two standbys that always deliver: chocolate and cookies and cream. For my part, I was intent on trying something new and settled on one scoop of salted caramel and one scoop of chocolate fudge swirl.

Fresh and locally sourced ingredients

So how did the ice cream taste? To answer that question, I have to take you back in time. Back to your childhood and that family reunion or neighborhood block party last century. You remember the one. Somebody produced an ice cream maker and you watched with anticipation as the ice cream was churned by hand. Slowly. Reverently. When it was finally ready, you eagerly took your first bite, lick or slurp and went straight to heaven. So sweet. So refreshing. It’s a taste you’ll never forget.

Well, Ice Cream Social delivers that same experience. Without the wait. (And without having to run to the store for a bag of rock salt.) All the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Which means milk from local dairies. Mint, raspberry or lavender (yes, lavender!) from local farms. Indeed, you can actually go to Ice Cream Social’s website and follow the links to their local sources.

We made quick work of our order. And when I suggested we get back in line and start all over, my wife and son hesitated before laughing. Was I serious? Yes, actually. But we’ll have to wait until our next visit to order more.

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