Resources for Aging Homeowners

The average homeowner is now older, and older owners face distinctive questions, like how long to hold onto their real estate! Some envision moving one day to a single-level home or apartment, a retirement community, or even assisted living. Many begin paring down belongings years in advance and making repairs that might help the house sell more easily. Others would prefer... Read More »

Do Cool Stuff / Porchfest / Tacomarama

Do cool things in Tacoma and you might find yourself featured here. Take Irina Rasputnis, for example. I met Irina when she needed a drummer in her outlandish marching band. More on the band later. First, I must bring rapidly approaching Porchfest to your attention! She created the event last Summer. Porchfest Porchfest, according to the website, “is a free,... Read More »

Tacoma Real Estate Market Update

REAL ESTATE MARKET UPDATE Revised March 13, 2024     At the end of February there were 969 homes on the market in Pierce county representing a 1.6 month supply. There was a nearly equal number of pending sales.  Both of those facts point to a seller’s market as we head into the 2024 season.  Mortgage rates are stubbornly high... Read More »

Welcome to the Future

Spring is nearly here… a time of rebirth… a time when Realtors remind you to set your clocks ahead and offer generic home maintenance tips beneath a cheery stock photo. Here’s something gleaned from a real life experience… It had been more than a decade since I last bought a lawn-mower. Times have changed! The store was stocked with electric... Read More »

Do Trees Add to Your Home’s Value?

Free Trees There are countless good reasons to plant trees on your property and/or in your planting strip, which is why Grit City Trees, Tacoma’s street tree program, offers free trees to eligible Tacoma residents. As explained at the Tacoma Urban Forestry website City of Tacoma – Grit City Tree, trees improve human health by capturing and reducing air pollutants,... Read More »

Resources for Helping Aging Parents

When it comes to aging parents and family members, few of us want to think about the potential challenges associated with caring for them in the future. As a result, we often kick the proverbial can down the road, waiting until we’re faced with an emergency of some kind—a broken hip, a sudden onset of dementia—before making difficult decisions. And... Read More »

Going Long on Packwood

I find it interesting to reflect on the shifts in consumer wants and needs after a sudden societal upheaval. I don’t suppose I need to tell you what societal upheaval I mean. At first toilet paper was scarce. I still cannot make sense of that one. You could not buy a Nintendo Switch last spring because apparently everyone wanted to... Read More »

Elephant House – Quirky Fun Tacoma History

You have probably encountered the Elephant House on North 30th just above Old Town even if you didn’t know it at the time. Even at a glance it stands out from your average north Tacoma residence. It is beautiful for starters; Dutch Colonial architecture, notable for extensive use of Wilkeson sandstone and stately columns. Perhaps you did a double take... Read More »

Tacoma’s Famous First – Job Carr Cabin

Job Carr’s famous cabin in Old Town was not the first home here but it was the first home built by non-native permanent settlers to our area. Carr arrived in Tacoma and claimed a big chunk of the Ruston Way waterfront. He was actually late to the party. Someone grabbed that real estate first. In 1853 Peter Judson claimed roughly... Read More »

This Hardball Tactic is Gone

Some Tacoma buyers recently found a house they loved and got it under contract subject to inspection. The inspector said it was a creampuff (a 100 year old creampuff) but he later emailed a list of scary-sounding findings in his report. The foundation showed signs of settling, the roof was nearing the end of its useful life, etc. There were... Read More »