7 Ways to help this Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Help this Thanksgiving (Tacoma) 



Every Thanksgiving is an opportunity to slow down long enough to give thanks. For the roof over your head. For the relationships that sustain you.

Several organizations in the Tacoma area are busily ensuring that no one gets left behind this holiday season.  If you would like to help others celebrate this Thanksgiving Day, consider contacting one or more of the following:


Emergency Food Network

If you or your group want to harness even more generosity this Thanksgiving or next, consider organizing a food drive. If you choose to donate money, every dollar you donate buys $12 of food for people in need in your community. Contact the good folks at the Emergency Food Network to learn how.  http://www.efoodnet.org/get-involved/food-drive/


Local food banks

Various food banks serve communities all over Pierce County. Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank provided more than a million pounds of food to residents in East and South Tacoma last year. And the Gig Harbor Basket Brigade will be donating food and necessities to local families for Thanksgiving for the 23rd straight year. For a list of food banks near you, click on the link above.


Tacoma Rescue Mission

TRM has been assisting homeless people in Tacoma since 1912 and serves more than 1,000 meals a day. Volunteers are welcome.  https://www.trm.org/


The Salvation Army

Volunteers provide Thanksgiving meals and baskets to families in need, shut-ins and others unable to pick up food for themselves.  http://tacoma.salvationarmy.org/tacoma_corps/seasonal-assistance


United Way of Pierce County

United Way of Pierce County offers a comprehensive range  of services to those in need, including transportation, counseling, shelter, food and clothing.  http://www.uwpc.org/let-us-help


Your neighborhood house of worship

Most churches and other houses of worship administer food banks and other programs designed to help the less fortunate. For example, Allen AME Church in the Hilltop Neighborhood, for example, will be serving Thanksgiving baskets to about 150 families.


Volunteer Match

Eager to volunteer somewhere but don’t know how to get started? Stop by Volunteer Match’s website to discover more options.


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