Top 3 Steps to Make Your House the Hottest on the Tacoma Market

Curb appeal

Spring has arrived right on time. We Realtors notice curb appeal and there is nothing quite like the vibrant colors of daffodils, tulips, rhodies and cherry blossoms to improve curb appeal. It’s just one more reason spring is a great time for real estate. This promises to be a great selling season. Buyers are ready and waiting for that sparkling North Tacoma charmer to hit the market. We know because we are working with several people in that very situation and because the numbers say so.

Hot or Not?

So, what are these buyers looking for? As Tacoma specialists we are very focused on what’s happening in the city, especially in and around the North End. To generalize, buyers here are looking for turn-key homes under $450,000. By and large they are averse to projects. Popular spots are Proctor, UPS, the North Slope and Stadium District.

There is some excess inventory between $450k and $650k. This is probably due to a variety of factors, including a lingering shadow of Russell’s departure to Seattle. I expect this even out over the next year or two. Things start to look more balanced as you go up in price from there.

How do I make my house the hottest on the Market?

We can often spot in advance which homes will sell quickly by our second visit. We do a two step listing process. First we visit the house and talk about what to do to get the house ready for sale, then we return later to discuss pricing and our qualifications for the job of selling the house. Occasionally we meet a seller on that second visit who has done everything we talked about last time. Right then I know that this is a home we would LOVE to sell. Not only is that kind of seller typically a great partner in getting the job done every step of the way, but their homes tend to set a mood that whispers “buy me”!

Every home has its own punch-list to ready for sale. David, Matt, and I are happy to stop by yours to help evaluate the most important things for making a great impression. But but here are some great tips that every seller should consider:

Curb Appeal

The way the house looks as a buyer drives up is important so that they don’t just keep driving! And ponder this: A buyer will stand on your porch for up to a minute while their agent fumbles with the keybox with nothing else to do but scrutinize. How will your property look? Paint the trim around the door and the threshold. Look for road grime accumulating on the surface of the house, especially if you live on a busier street. A little soap and water can make a huge difference! Scrape and paint anywhere there is pealing. Weed and mulch the beds and generally tune up the landscaping.

Clean and Paint

Especially if you live with kids and pets! Cleaning every square inch, getting rid of pet smells and making sure the house is light will help buyers imagine themselves living there. Have your carpet professionally cleaned or even replaced if heavily worn, stained (or if it is harvest gold shag).

De-clutter and Depersonalize

In the internet age, preparing the house to sell is fifty percent preparing it to be photographed. Removing oversize or extra furniture and personal items will help rooms show bigger in person and in photos. You would be surprised how much furniture I have seen crammed into one living room! Don’t be that seller. Let buyers see the space free from clutter whether they are viewing in person or online.

If you are thinking about taking advantage of the seller’s market, don’t wait. Call us over for that first appointment!

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