Happy Days

LeMay – America’s Car Museum opens June 2nd. In a stroke of good fortune, Matt Weber, financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, invited me and my wife, Nicole, to a client appreciation party nearly a month ahead of the Grand Opening. We had a fabulous time perusing four floors of shiny classics. Mid-century cars are exciting for their bold colors and design flourishes like fins, huge fenders and marvelously excessive use of chrome. Automobiles used to be a lot more fun. Looking into each of the cars’ interiors at LeMay is like a window back in time. You can imagine yourself with one arm on the steering wheel and the other draped lazily across the top of the seats, cruising between, say, Frisco Freeze and Busch’s Drive-In on 6th Avenue, where they roller skated to your car with a tray of food and hooked it to the door. You can still get food delivered in this location via roller skates, incidentally, although Busch’s is long gone. Today it is Sonic Burger rolling out the food where Busch’s once stood.

The museum holds up to 500 cars. It will be one of the world’s largest automobile museums. Needless to say, LeMay adds to the growing list of attributes Tacoma has to offer.

By way of a market update, here are some numbers for Pierce County. Inventory is down 28% from last year, while pending sales are up 10% year-to-date. The median price (YTD) is tied with last year at this time at $225,000. We are continuing to enjoy the livelier market. Early this week we listed a North End Craftsman. Two days later we had an offer, negotiated a contract, and today David is negotiating a back-up offer. A couple of weeks ago we sold one in a matter of hours. These are the kinds of stories we haven’t been experiencing much for half a decade.

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