5 Great North End Homes that AREN’T Our Listings (Except One!)

As Realtors David, Matt, and myself are always out looking at homes. We decided to sift through all the great inventory of homes in the North End and identify a few great homes. As I started sifting, I made a surprising discovery. I suppose I knew on some level but it took this exercise to bring it into focus:

The inventory in the traditionally popular areas of Proctor / UPS / North Slope is actually weak right now.

This is big news for North End sellers! The timing of this weak inventory is unfortunate because the buyers are really out! The phone is ringing again. If you have a great north end house that you know you want or need to sell soon, the competition isn’t terribly fierce. Call us, please!

On to the homes. Here are five properties that I consider noteworthy for various reasons:

4818 North 14th – Why this house? Because it is a price point that didn’t exist until now. The news here is that you really can get a cute north end pad that needs minimal work for $159k.

1226 North J St. This bank owned property needs work. It is probably NOT a great flip property unless the bank drops the price even lower. But for the right buyer, it will be great. It is the kind of home that offers a stellar location, a partial sound view, classic craftsman styling, great curb appeal, and lots of square footage for the money. I see the perfect buyer being handy, energetic and willing to put in sweat equity over time.

1112 North 5th St. This is a classic Four Square in an historic neighborhood. It is a very large, attractive home with lots of usable space and it is under the $300,000 mark. Basically, this one just seems like a solid value.

4819 North 33rd Street Okay, this one IS our listing, but I think I can be objective in saying it is a great north end home on an oversized corner lot with plenty of historic charm, a tastefully updated kitchen, detached garage and even storage and a third garage bay in the basement. I like the value at $325,000.

3807 N 39th St. This one is in that area that you’ve always liked, the northern tip of N. Proctor where it ends in a cul-de-sac along the cliff. The house doesn’t have garage parking and it is dated inside, but the location is both charming and breathtaking. It’s built right near the edge overlooking Commencement Bay. With a serious remodel, this could be a million dollar home. It is the kind of place that people hold onto for 50 years. This is the chance to buy the kind of home that doesn’t hit the market often.

So these are the five I picked to talk about. If you think I missed one, leave it in the comments! And if you want to sell your north end home, contact us today.Now is the time.

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