What is Going on at Sky Terrace and along Stadium Way?

A man I know at Sky Terrace Condominums sent me this. I had been curious about all of the construction on the building and thought maybe others were as well. He also talks about Stadium Way improvements. Promenade should be cool. I’m copying and pasting what Paul sent directly:

AUGUST 3, 2011


The scaffolding covering the building is the first construction step in a four-month
project to make our 38-home condominium the most up-to-date in the area.

1. The building is being completely repainted in pleasing contrasting tones.
2. Solid glass deck railings topped with white hand-rails will replace all the
old metal handrails on the Stadium side terraces.
3. New floor entry tiles with colors matching the new building color tones
will replace existing tiles in the Broadway front entry.
Coincidentally we expect another city project will remove the huge tree
blocking tenants’ view of our mountain.

For almost a year, starting in January, 2012 the city will remodel Stadium Way – the entry to our garage.
• The street will be reconstructed and resurfaced from I-705 to Division Street.
• A traffic light will be installed on our corner (at 4th street) to reduce car speed
using I-705.
• The bay side of Stadium Way will be made more people-friendly by adding a
promenade including a bicycle lane and walkway cut-outs with benches for
lounging and enjoying our views.

As if these improvements were not enough to make our homes unique in Tacoma,
the condominium is studying plans to be the first in Tacoma to provide EV owners
an electric recharge unit in their garage car stall.

Dan Hannah and I took a test drive of the new EV Leaf last week. It was amazing!
We’d like to share that experience with others. We’ve arranged:
Nissan Inc. will provide a Leaf EV (Electric Vehicle) demonstrator car for all those
wishing to take a test drive the afternoon of August 10th from 4pm to 6pm.

You’ll learn from qualified Nissan folks how their new EV cars:
• Don’t use any gas
• Have no tail-pipes and
• Produce no emissions
Just make a reservation for your test drive:
Email: [email protected] or leave word at T: 253 759 9988

During the CAFÉ mileage hearings in D.C. last week, one car executive admitted:
“I’ve never seen such public awareness of new technology as we’ve seen in the
last 120 days for Electric Vehicles”. This is not a technology change like we saw
with the acceptance of computers. Computers were new. We never used them.
We had to painfully learn slowly. Everyone who owns a car already knows how
to use them. There is no learning delay.

Those looking to reduce our dependence on imported oil and gas understand this
issue better every day, too!

Recharge units are being installed by the city, state and FEDs so the concern of
running out of power will be largely eliminated by year-end. Chargers will be
installed from B.C. to Mexico. Cross country, and east-west also need to stay
competitive. Many, many companies such as hotels, malls, restaurants,
filling stations, schools and parking lots all want their share of this new business.
The public-private sector is alive and well.

This life-style change is not going away. I hope many Tacoma folks will take this
chance to start learning what it means:
• For lowering your car operating costs,
• Reducing use of imported oil

Make a reservation for your test drive:
Email: [email protected] or leave word at T: 253 759 9988

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