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Sometimes you have to blog about things other than the real estate market in Tacoma, even as that market has finally started showing signs of life. I like to try to mention businesses in the area that I like.

First is Valhalla Coffee Roasters on 6th Avenue. I have walked past it countless times on my way to one of the national coffee chains for an Americano. One day I stopped in to introduce myself and asked if they also sold drinks. They do. Byron proceeded to pull the darkest, richest espresso shot I ever recall enjoying. I buy beans from them as well. Often the beans I get were roasted that same day. I am told the beans I buy at national coffee chains may have been roasted in a previous year! Fresh is good. Local is great! Give Valhalla a try. They are on 6th Ave in Tacoma, just west of Proctor.

I have also rediscovered roller skating with my kids at Wheelz Arena at 2101 Mildred St W. I am happy to have a place to take my kids to skate. They offer free skate nights, which are free if you have your own skates; otherwise you do pay a $3 rental fee, but that’s still an affordable night out.

I hope you will support local businesses like these and keep dollars circulating within our local economy. Perhaps those same business owners may one day support your business!

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