Age in Place in Stadium District

Some of our buyers only want to see one-level homes. Even if their knees and hips are fine today, these people are often planning ahead to a day, maybe far off in the future, when stairs may not be manageable. That is wise planning. Homes can be long term investments.

I recently met someone who took this thinking and turned it up to 11. Alex Harman, of Harman Construction and Paradigm Health Developers, is working on an interesting remodel project in the Stadium District. Instead of the “lipstick and rouge” remodel that you often see, Alex is demolishing almost everything and crafting the home with a simple fact in mind–that we all age. When complete, the home will not look unusual. It will be a beautifully appointed luxury home. Sure, the hallways will be a bit wider, the counters a bit lower, but there won’t be much to tip you off that this home is designed to evolve. The pre-planning and engineering has been done to incorporate a multitude of medical and accessibility equipment. The concept is sometimes called “aging in place” and the most important elements of this are beneath the surface, in the design. Alex expects to complete this project in the Spring/Summer 2013. He expects to offer the home in the low to mid $400s.

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