What The Tacoma Market Looks Like in 2015

I recently ran into George Lane of Guild Mortgage and asked him what buyers should know about shopping for a home in 2015. I was hoping for something newsletter-worthy and George delivered. He said there has never been a better time for first time buyers. Really? Never? I thought back to the juicy tax breaks for first time buyers, realizing... Read More »

Texting is the New Black

“Texting has taken over” When I was 13 I would sit for long hours in our rec room listening to Journey and talking to my friends on the (rotary) telephone. My kids don’t do that. They text. I read recently that many young people now consider a phone call to be intrusive. They even view it as presumptuous- for the... Read More »

Making Tacoma a Child-Centered Community

By Nicole Hume What if children were at the heart of our city? Could children come up with community solutions? What if Tacoma were a great place to be a child? These questions and many more came up at the “Symposium On Our Youngest Citizen’s: Building A Child-Centered Community.” The September 23rd event was attended by what looked to be... Read More »

Winning the “Highest and Best” Game

After you’ve found the perfect house in a hot market A great Westgate Tacoma house hit the market for some clients. This was the right area, close to their kids and grandkids, the right size, and comfortably within budget. We met at the house. It was superior to any we had seen in the price range. They wanted to write... Read More »

Market Snapshot July 30, 2014

The recovery of our local Tacoma market continues. This year looks a lot like last year statistically, and last year was good. The number of sales in Pierce County is nearly identical at just over 5,100 YTD. The median price is up 8% to 227,270 and properties are spending 10 days less on the market than last year, currently 69... Read More »

The Best Listing Agent in Tacoma

Finding The Best Listing Agent in Tacoma We ask sellers what they are looking for in an agent and how they will choose. With alarming frequency the answer is “We will see where the price recommendations come in and decide from there.” Say what?! You are going to choose a real estate professional according to the size of the digits... Read More »

Market Update Summer 2014

Spring is generally the craziest time of the calendar year for home sales in and around Tacoma. As we say goodbye to spring it is fair to say that this one certainly fit that mold. We are optimistic that the summer season will also be good, if not quite as frantic. I know there are buyers who wish to get... Read More »