Resources for Helping Aging Parents

When it comes to aging parents and family members, few of us want to think about the potential challenges associated with caring for them in the future. As a result, we often kick the proverbial can down the road, waiting until we’re faced with an emergency of some kind—a broken hip, a sudden onset of dementia—before making difficult decisions. And... Read More »

Elephant House – Quirky Fun Tacoma History

You have probably encountered the Elephant House on North 30th just above Old Town even if you didn’t know it at the time. Even at a glance it stands out from your average north Tacoma residence. It is beautiful for starters; Dutch Colonial architecture, notable for extensive use of Wilkeson sandstone and stately columns. Perhaps you did a double take... Read More »

The Future has the Best Agents

The Future has the Best Realtors Here’s Why The Days Of Pushy Real Estate Agents Are Numbered   Stereotypical pushy real estate agents give the profession a bad name. Agents often get portrayed in fiction as slick, schlocky or manipulative. Buyers and sellers are leery about running into this type of character at open houses or when calling prospective agents... Read More »

Amazon Go

Jonathan and I checked out Amazon Go for you…     You probably heard that behemoth Amazon opened a store in downtown Seattle called Amazon Go. The big idea is there is no checkout line. Just swipe your phone as you enter and grab what you want. Your designated card is charged automatically. The top secret, proprietary system seems to... Read More »

Lunch at Duke’s Chowder House

Tacoma’s Ruston Way is known not only for its picturesque views of Commencement Bay and Dalco Passage but for an abundance of first-class dining establishments. Over the weekend we dropped by the waterfront for lunch at Duke’s Chowder House and were suitably impressed. From the moment we entered the restaurant on pilings, we encountered nothing but smiling faces. The hostess, the wait staff,... Read More »

Spring Gardening Tips from GardenSphere in Proctor District Tacoma

Spring is right around the corner, which means now’s the time to get reacquainted with your garden and lawn. We caught up with Gabe Valbert, co-owner at GardenSphere in Proctor District Tacoma, and asked for a few spring gardening tips on how to make the most of the transition to the growing season. “It’s time to get rolling on the... Read More »

Real Estate Video Tacoma

As people spend more time on social media than ever before, real estate video has gained in popularity. Editing is getting cheaper and easier. I think it is best to hire a videographer for listing videos, but there are applications for video that go beyond property videos, such as agent bios, video for blog posts, instruction videos to help potential... Read More »

Protect Your Privacy

By Ken Bajema of The Hume Group Take the Extra Step to Protect Your Privacy I have not applied for a consumer loan for years but recently had reason to apply for a home loan.  After locating a reputable local lender and filling out a loan application. This included a credit check, I started to receive calls at home from... Read More »

Lincoln District Revitalization Project in Tacoma

Large Project in Lincoln District Will Bring Changes By Matt Kite Tacoma’s Lincoln District is about to get a face lift. The five-block stretch of South 38th Street between Tacoma Avenue South and South Thompson Avenue will be improving shortly. In fact, Phase 1 is already underway. Lincoln District Revitalization Project. This is a $7.3-million plan designed to rejuvenate Tacoma’s beloved... Read More »

Verbal Negotiating and Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” -Murphy’s Law   I don’t buy Murphy’s Law completely. A nearly infinite amount of bad stuff is not happening every moment. Think about that. Nevertheless, it pays to expect the unexpected in real estate transactions, and whenever possible to shrink the amount of time things can go wrong. We recently received an... Read More »