Selling Homes Can Be Scary

Our photographer returned to the office after a photo shoot in the north end looking freaked out and talking fast. She told me about photographing the main floor then walking upstairs to shoot the bedrooms. At the top of the stairs she felt a hard shove on her shoulder, but there was no one else in the house. There was... Read More »

Home Entertainment at its Best!

It is challenging to find new construction in Tacoma’s north end, particularly around University of Puget Sound where the homes were generally built in the early 20th century. Newer construction houses are few and far between. This large, beautiful home was constructed in 2007 and offers so many unique features. I will name a few. An elevator shuttles you and... Read More »

Serenity and Sound Views… in town! North Tacoma

[youtube id=”Lm-iQes6JSw” align=”center”] Here is a new video about a view home perfect for an owner who wants to feel like they are in a remote location without actually being outside the city.  The sense of privacy, the sense of nature and beauty on this tucked away home site is unique.  You can sit on the back deck overlooking Narrows... Read More »

Don’t Let an App Choose Your Agent

Real estate agents have long been independent spirits, shaped by forces of nature, paid only for results. The industry is competitive. The vast majority of new agents drop out in their first or second year. A minority emerge from those first years very different people; leaner, wiser, better. It is a sometimes gut wrenching business that rewards creativity, persistence, thick... Read More »