Do Trees Add to Your Home’s Value?

Free Trees There are countless good reasons to plant trees on your property and/or in your planting strip, which is why Grit City Trees, Tacoma’s street tree program, offers free trees to eligible Tacoma residents. As explained at the Tacoma Urban Forestry website City of Tacoma – Grit City Tree, trees improve human health by capturing and reducing air pollutants,... Read More »

Broadway Center to Raise a Mind-Bending Sum of Money… Here’s why!

Broadway Center Centenial Campaign Kicks Off   My wife is a volunteer board member of the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, an organization that manages the Pantages, Rialto and Theater on the Square for the citizens of Tacoma. That bears repeating. These fantastic historic buildings belong to Tacoma.   On November 21st we attended the kick-off for a capital... Read More »

7 Ways to help this Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Help this Thanksgiving (Tacoma)  by MATT KITE for THE HUME GROUP   Every Thanksgiving is an opportunity to slow down long enough to give thanks. For the roof over your head. For the relationships that sustain you. Several organizations in the Tacoma area are busily ensuring that no one gets left behind this holiday season.  If you... Read More »

A Home for Everyone In Tacoma

You probably know we are fanatical about Tacoma and want it to continue to improve as it has in so many ways over the years. Last year I wrote about Metropolitan Development Council opening the Randall Townsend Apartments. MDC is applying an innovative approach to homelessness, referred to as “housing first”. The concept is to provide housing along with access... Read More »

Making a Difference in Community:

David, Matt and I have come to understand what a new home means to people. The anticipation as the closing date approaches can be intense. Living in a new home changes lives. But what about someone who has been without a home completely? What must it be like to go from living on the streets one day, figuring out where... Read More »