MLS Num’s

NWMLS numbers for August are out. There is cause for optimism here. It shows Washington state’s pending sales up 26% over Aug 2010, as well as closed sales being up, but it’s way too early to break out the champagne. We are going to continue to see a heavy volume of foreclosures in the coming months. Now if you have... Read More »

You Can’t Trust a Zestimate! Or Can You?

“You can’t trust the Zillow value…” I hear this from my fellow agents. I say it to sellers, and it’s true that you cannot rely on a Zestimate alone to determine an asking price for your property. How would Zillow know if you recently put in gold plated bathroom fixtures while your neighbor’s place still has the same harvest gold... Read More »

North End Real Estate Num’s

I put together these sales ratios the other day. (Sales Ratios Explained) What I found striking was the lack of sales activity over $350,000. With interest rates around 4 PERCENT and great inventory to choose from, what causes this? I will tell you a theory my brother Matt just shared with me. Matt says buyers of homes over $350,000 tend... Read More »

Late Summer Missive

We are enjoying our new office space on the lower floor of Windermere on 19th and Orchard. The timing was perfect. The summer selling season didn’t even start until after we were settled in. We extend our thanks to the real estate market for this courtesy. Things have picked up—the phone is ringing and offers are coming in again. Recent... Read More »

What is Going on at Sky Terrace and along Stadium Way?

A man I know at Sky Terrace Condominums sent me this. I had been curious about all of the construction on the building and thought maybe others were as well. He also talks about Stadium Way improvements. Promenade should be cool. I’m copying and pasting what Paul sent directly: AUGUST 3, 2011 WHAT’S GOING ON AT SKY TERRACE, 235 BROADWAY,... Read More »

More National Attention for Tacoma

Today on among “Latest News” on their front page is a list of the top places to buy a home, as ranked by Money Magazine. Tacoma ranks number 8 on their list, with 3.9% projected appreciation. They cite our metro area’s proximity to spectacular scenery as a reason, as well as depressed prices in the wake of the recession.... Read More »

Support Local Business

Sometimes you have to blog about things other than the real estate market in Tacoma, even as that market has finally started showing signs of life. I like to try to mention businesses in the area that I like. First is Valhalla Coffee Roasters on 6th Avenue. I have walked past it countless times on my way to one of... Read More »

Outlook is Promising in Tacoma

I wanted to post a link to an interesting article speculating on the cities most likely to go from slump to bump—or in other words recover from the down market of the past two years. Tacoma is ranked first! Moody’s expects the Tacoma real estate market to bounce back strongly, with home prices increasing 22 percent by the first... Read More »