5 Great North End Homes that AREN’T Our Listings (Except One!)

As Realtors David, Matt, and myself are always out looking at homes. We decided to sift through all the great inventory of homes in the North End and identify a few great homes. As I started sifting, I made a surprising discovery. I suppose I knew on some level but it took this exercise to bring it into focus: The... Read More »

Buying a Rental Near UPS: Is now the time?

The area around the University of Puget Sound is one of North Tacoma’s finest. In addition to a number of beautiful historic homes, the area is dotted with rentals for UPS students to live in while they are attending college. From seasoned investors to parents looking to find a great place for their kids to live and make a great... Read More »

5 Steps Before Selling Your North Tacoma Home

We have sold tons of homes in Tacoma’s north end–probably numbering in the thousands between us. Our job, day in and day out for nearly two decades has been positioning homes in the marketplace, creating effective marketing plans to reach likely Tacoma buyers, as well as negotiating and shepherding pending sales through to closing. If you’re are planning on selling... Read More »

Ice Rink Downtown. Like Rockefeller Center… but in Tacoma

An updated article on Polar Plaza in Downtown Tacoma appears here Signs of winter abound; Christmas decorations, ski areas opening, snowflakes in the forecast, red Starbucks cups, an open air ice skating rink downtown. Truly, that is happening. It could be a nice tradition and a further enhancement to our already vital downtown. “Franciscan Polar Plaza” will transform Tollefson Plaza... Read More »

Can’t Trust a Zestimate update

Two months ago a wrote about an experiment. I thought my home’s value in Zillow was low and noticed they had erroneous property information. I claimed ownership of the house and edited the info, promising to report back as to what effect this had on my Zestimate. Nothing changed. It did not go up–and in fact the information is back... Read More »

Local Dock Replacement Company–For Waterfront Homes

The other day I got to talking to a friend, Greg Horn, who builds docks. His company is Pacific Dock Builders, LLC. Greg lives and works primarily in Lakewood, which is Shangri La if you are a dock builder because wherever you are in Lakewood you’re near a lake. He estimated that two out of every three homes on Lake... Read More »

Good News Two Months in a Row?

The latest NWMLS Report is unquestionably positive. It shows inventory for the entire service area at its lowest level since May and pending sales up 20% from a year ago. Locally, we are seeing the same encouraging trends. In Pierce county inventory is 11% below where it was at this time last year and we have 9.7% more pending sales.... Read More »

Thought the first time home buyer tax credit was ancient history? Think again!

As if insanely low interest rates, rock bottom prices and a great selection of real estate inventory here in Tacoma weren’t enough of an inducement, here is one more reason to look at buying a home now. There is still a federal credit for first time homebuyers! I suspect most of you didn’t know that. It’s not exactly the same... Read More »


This blog is generally about the Tacoma market, but I wanted to write about a condominium project that a high school friend of mine is involved with on the island of Maui. Why? Because as this September weather eventually turns on us, thinking about warm, tropical beaches and fruity drinks is a proven defense. Also, I know several of our... Read More »

Tacoma vs Seattle vs Gig Harbor for High End Homes

Anon posted a comment last week suggesting it would be interesting to compare Tacoma’s sales ratios with markets traditionally known for being higher end, such as Seattle and Gig Harbor. It turns out Seattle is quite a bit more robust in the higher end (and across the board, really) as the chart shows. Not only are the percentages better, the... Read More »