My wife and I tried Marrow, a new restaurant on 6th Avenue. Marrow is different… and quite amazing. The decor is designer cool, with bare light bulbs hanging in clustered bouquets from the rafters, as an example. Our waitress, Brie, was personable, helpful and had outrageous tattoos, most of which propriety would not allow her to show us, in spite of our pleas. The whole experience was great, but the food was the real story. We shared several dishes, including the marrow served right out of a bone, with duck confit. Neither of us had tried marrow previously. It was delicious, and rich. We tried a couple of items from the vegetarian menu that were also fabulous. Everything we ordered sang out with interesting flavor. It’s always fun when a good new restaurant opens in Tacoma, especially one that is unique and serves great food.

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