Running in Place

Running in Place Last month I did a piece on aging in place—the concept of building homes designed to evolve with us as our needs change with age. I was nominated for a prestigious award for both the reporting and writing. Not really. But I did accomplish something. I elicited a critical response. I moved the needle enough to receive... Read More »

Age in Place in Stadium District

Some of our buyers only want to see one-level homes. Even if their knees and hips are fine today, these people are often planning ahead to a day, maybe far off in the future, when stairs may not be manageable. That is wise planning. Homes can be long term investments. I recently met someone who took this thinking and turned... Read More »

Save The Blue Mouse

Last month I wrote about the Proctor District and what made it great. One business I cited by name was Blue Mouse Theater, a Proctor District landmark since the 20s. I since learned that Blue Mouse is fighting for survival. They still use only 35mm projectors, a format that movie studios will stop providing after next year. Converting to digital... Read More »

Why Proctor?

We listed an interesting home this month. There are a few places where updates are needed, but sometimes that is the best kind of home to buy–the kind where someone hasn’t already imbued it with their personal taste. The property is unique for its size, first of all. The home measures 4,736 square feet including the unfinished basement and the... Read More »

Should My House Be Listed During the Holidays?

I saw a “back to school” ad in July, before the weather had even gotten any good here in Tacoma. Do me a favor, advertisers, and let me and all of the other kids enjoy summer before reminding that it’s almost over. From a Realtor’s perspective, the time around the first day of school tends to be slow, which is... Read More »

Summer Numbers

Three people commented similarly on my recent newsletters and blog posts, noting that I had drifted away from numbers; drifted away from being, well, nerdy. I instead wrote about a new restaurant (Marrow), the exciting opening of the LeMay Car Museum, and I criticized our local paper for clumsy wording in a real estate story. Maybe criticizing a newspaper is... Read More »

Doom Sells

I seriously question the Tacoma News Tribune for its misleading front page headline yesterday: “Local Home Values Plummet” or if you read the online version, “Pierce County Home Values Plummet“. When I saw this headline, without reading I knew it was false, based on what I see happening in the real world. I consulted the most recent MLS figures (May... Read More »

Happy Days

LeMay – America’s Car Museum opens June 2nd. In a stroke of good fortune, Matt Weber, financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, invited me and my wife, Nicole, to a client appreciation party nearly a month ahead of the Grand Opening. We had a fabulous time perusing four floors of shiny classics. Mid-century cars are exciting for their bold colors and... Read More »