Brown & Haley – Sweet Tacoma

By Matt Kite – photo by Rob Green   Brown & Haley is maker of Almond Roca, Mountain Bars We had driven by it hundreds of times. Not once had I noticed the sign on the side of the old building. Finally I spotted it. “Did that say Almond Roca?” I asked my wife and son. “Yes!” they answered in... Read More »

Valhalla – Best coffee shop in Tacoma?

by Tom Hume Valhalla Coffee – Might just be the best coffee shop in Tacoma When I talk to people about my concept of having a section of our blog for Tacoma’s Best Places I usually use the example of my regular coffee stop, Valhalla Coffee . It is located at 3918 6th Ave in Tacoma and might just be the... Read More »

Five Amazing Hikes Near Tacoma

By Matt Kite There are plenty of great reasons to buy a home in Tacoma, but one you might not have considered before is our fair city’s proximity to world-class hiking. To the southeast of Tacoma, Mount Rainier National Park beckons, all 236,000-plus acres of it, and to the west, the Olympic Peninsula awaits your exploration. Drive an hour or... Read More »

Point Defiance Tap and Grill

by Tom Hume My daughters and I love going to breakfast. We have tried most of the breakfast places in Tacoma and therefore consider ourselves discerning diners. So this past weekend, Brette (13) and I tried Point Defiance Tap & Grill in Ruston. They serve brunch 10-2pm on weekends. The ambiance is contemporary with lots of natural daylight. The service was friendly. Kevin... Read More »

9 Scenic Cites for Tacoma Photogs

by Megan Bostic [iframe id=”” align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” grow=”no”] 9 Scenic Sites for Tacoma Photogs Do you ever have days that you just want to jump in the car, take in the scenery and snap photos? If so, you don’t have to go very far. From expansive beaches to historical structures, Tacoma offers amateur and professional shutterbugs alike, picturesque locations... Read More »

Korean Burger Truck is Welcome Addition to Tacoma

by Megan Bostic There’s a new food truck in town, and it’s quickly gaining popularity with Tacoma’s burger lovers. It’s Burger Seoul, located at 1750 S. Prospect, on the corner of South 19th street in the parking lot of the 19th Street Grocery & Deli. Owner of the truck, Young La, opened December 12th, and has had a steady stream... Read More »

Crown Bar Tacoma

by Megan Bostic Want to be treated like royalty? Head to the Crown Bar. Loosely inspired by the Crown Bar in Belfast Northern Ireland, Tacoma’s Crown Bar is nestled in the heart of the 6th Avenue business district. It is flanked on either side by House of Tattoo and Retrospect Vintage Clothing. Its warm and cozy atmosphere is inviting, the... Read More »

Uncharted Waters

The Sensory Deprivation Tanks at Uncharted Waters Every so often I bring a Tacoma business to your attention, particularly if it is fascinating like the one I am about to mention. Uncharted Waters opened last Thursday on South 12th and Proctor. My client and friend, Jonathan Murray has been working on this for years and was thrilled to finally launch.... Read More »


My wife and I tried Marrow, a new restaurant on 6th Avenue. Marrow is different… and quite amazing. The decor is designer cool, with bare light bulbs hanging in clustered bouquets from the rafters, as an example. Our waitress, Brie, was personable, helpful and had outrageous tattoos, most of which propriety would not allow her to show us, in spite... Read More »

Support Local Business

Sometimes you have to blog about things other than the real estate market in Tacoma, even as that market has finally started showing signs of life. I like to try to mention businesses in the area that I like. First is Valhalla Coffee Roasters on 6th Avenue. I have walked past it countless times on my way to one of... Read More »